Gail When I first walked into Next Level Fitness, I joined as a member. For years I have been avidly rock climbing, long distance running, practicing yoga, and just about anything that allowed me to be active outdoors. I successfully completed the Fit in 42 program with a mindset on becoming better, faster, and stronger. The entire experience was completely life changing. I soon realized that it is my passion to provide the same motivation, knowledge, and skills to others in order to reach their own fitness goals and improve the quality of life.

I aim to create a connection and relationship with each and every member. I respect the time and hard work that everyone brings to the gym, so my drive is to create an energetic and safe environment for all levels of fitness. If you leave with a smile and a feeling of accomplishment to continue throughout your day, I’ve done my duty. I can’t wait to be a part of your journey!