Andrea Hi! My name is Andrea I have been an athlete since I was 5 years young. I have played softball, basketball and volleyball growing up, but I just fell in love with the sport of soccer. I was able to start off playing AYSO to transitioning to club teams to later on playing for high school and college level. Throughout my years in high school, I also ran track. As a freshman I was the slowest, so I made it a goal that by my senior year of high school, I would better myself to not be last. Freshman year, I would run the 100 dash in 17 seconds, by senior year I was running it at 13 seconds. Why did I just tell you that? Well because setting goals is important and once you set a goal that’s your first step in achieving it.

I would consider myself knowledgeable about the fitness world being said I was in sports all my life. But until I started working for Next Level Fitness is when my mind was open to the new aspect of the fit life! I love being around the Next Level Fitness family and clients, and I strive to better myself every day and those around me.

The Next Level Fitness family and I are here to make your day that much better, but most importantly your life better!